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Chef Works Cares

Our Commitment

At Chef Works, we believe in leaving our world a better place. It is at the heart of our company culture which drives our deep commitment to making a positive difference. Each year, Chef Works supports many worthwhile charitable events, programs and organizations and encourages employee volunteerism. Our commitment extends to supporting organizations devoted to issues concerning children living in poverty, individuals facing intellectual and developmental challenges and the sustaining the environment. We are proud to partner with organizations in the communities in which we live and work.

Our Mission

Our strategic philanthropy focuses on three areas: the elimination of children living in poverty, aiding children and adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities and protecting and improving the environment for many generations to come.

Every child has the right to a healthy and secure childhood. By ending the cycle of poverty, children are given the chance to thrive and the opportunity of a better future.

We believe empowering every individual to reach their full potential. Chef Works supports children and adults with special needs to lead meaningful lives and become integral members of our community.

Chef Works is a steadfast steward of the environment. Through our ‘Greener World’ initiatives, we continuously seek ways to improve our sustainable practices.

We are dedicated to providing financial support to local organizations in these three areas through our Charitable Giving Grant Opportunity programs.

Chef Works Charitable Giving Committee

Comprised of Chef Works employees around the globe, the Charitable Giving Committee manages the Charitable Giving Grant Opportunity program. The committee carefully reviews and selects charitable causes which reflect Chef Work’s commitment and mission. The goal of the Charitable Giving Committee is to strengthen organizations and programs in the communities where Chef Works employees and their families live and work.

“Chef Works believes in investing in charitable organizations that are in the business of making positive change for children living in poverty, supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental needs and for healing the planet. We are constantly inspired by the people and projects that come our way. If Chef Works can provide the financial backing to see a program through, then in our minds it is mission accomplished,”

– Cynthia S. McCormick, Vice President, Human Resources, Charitable Giving Committee Chair.

Chefworks Grant Opportunity Overview

We actively seek opportunities where Chef Works can invest financial resources through the Chef Works Charitable Giving Grant Opportunities. Nonprofit charitable organizations seeking funding from Chef Works are encouraged to apply for grants between September 1 – December 1.Please review the Grant Opportunity Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions below before beginning your application

*Please note: Chef Works is committed to reducing the use of paper whenever possible and therefore does not accept unsolicited materials in paper form.

Chef Works Grant Opportunity Guidelines

  • Charitable organizations must hold U.S. IRS 501c3 status.
  • We invite nonprofit partners submit grant applications via the Chef Works Charitable Giving Grant Application (link below).
  • We accept grant applications from charitable nonprofit organizations only between September 1 – December 1 for the current calendar year.
  • Charitable organizations will receive confirmation by January 31st if chosen.
  • Please only submit applications via Chef Works Charitable Giving Grant Application. Any other format will not be considered. See form for submission instructions.
  • Due to the volume of requests, we are unable to provide status of a submission.

Chef Works Grant Opportunity FAQs

The Chef Works Charitable Giving Grant Opportunity is designed to fund a limited number of charitable organizations that have been thoroughly vetted by the Chef Works Charitable Giving Committee. The Committee looks for strategic opportunities in communities where Chef Works conducts business. Grants are approved to organizations that can demonstrate impact in the areas of: the elimination of children living in poverty, children and adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities and protecting and improving the environment for many generations to come.

How much is given per Chef Works Grant Opportunity?

Typically, grants are $5,000 or above. The goal is to provide financial support to organizations to create transformational change through the charitable organizations’ programs and projects specifically focusing on Chef Works charitable areas of focus.

What types of organizations qualify for Chef Works charitable giving support?

Chef Works supports organizations that qualify under an IRS 501(c)(3) not-for-profit determination. These organizations must demonstrate diversity by providing services and volunteer opportunities to all without regard to race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

When does the Chef Works Charitable Giving Committee review requests?

Charitable nonprofit organizations are asked to submit their online application between September 1- December 1 for the current calendar year. Submissions received after December 1st will be considered for the following calendar year. Organizations will receive confirmation by January 31st if grant funding is chosen.


Please contact


Download Your Application Here

Completed applications should be emailed to

Submitting your in-kind request:

Click here to download the Chef Works In-Kind Donation Request Form.

You will find submission instructions on the form.

Please note, we are unable to send follow-up emails regarding each donation request.

If your charitable organization is approved to receive item(s), you will be notified through the contact email address provided on the Chef Works In-Kind Donation Request form.

If you have not received an item within a week of your event, please email

Before submitting your in-kind request, please consider the following guidelines:

  • In-kind donations will be made to charitable organizations which fall under Chef Works’ three focus areas of support.
  • All requests must be submitted via the Chef Works In-Kind Donation Request form (link below).
  • Forms must be filled out completely in order for your request to be considered.
  • Request must be submitted at least six weeks prior to your event.
  • Please allow four weeks for us to review and respond to your submission.
  • Charitable organizations are eligible to receive one donation per calendar year.

In-Kind Donation Requests

Chef Works is proud to support local communities through in-kind donations.

Another means that Chef Works can help charitable organizations are through in-kind, non-cash donations and we thank you for considering Chef Works when planning your fundraising event.

We have developed the following guidelines to help eligible charitable organizations understand our giving priorities. In-kind donations are made within our three focus areas of support: the elimination of children living in poverty, children and adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and protecting and improving the environment for many generations to come.

We wish you the best of luck with your charitable and fundraising efforts.

Chef Works Commitment to a Greener World

Vision Statement

Chef Works recognizes its responsibility to conduct our business in a way that helps the environment and the communities we serve. Through our “Commitment to a Greener World” we are dedicated to continuously improve our performance.

Policy Objectives

Chef Works recognizes its responsibility to conduct our business in a way that helps the environment and the communities we serve. Through our “Commitment to a Greener World” we are dedicated to continuously improve our performance.

  • To put the 4 “R”s – Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle – at the forefront of everything we do.
  • Promote sensible environmental management policies and practices throughout the company.
  • Develop a collaborative approach to our environmental practice by inviting employee recommendations,comments and actions.
  • Create and regularly review our processes in order to continuously improve our environmental performance.
  • Implement goals for improving environmental performance.
  • Consider environmental impacts in our manufacturing and purchasing decisions.
  • Reward individuals for their efforts in practicing sustainability.
  • Implement and participate in the updated REV Sustainability Program.


Chef Works Lightweight Garments

One of Chef Works’ international partners recently conducted a study and demonstrated to a global hotel chain that our lightweight fabric garments resulted in a 30% cost savings compared with the heavyweight fabric garments of their incumbent supplier.

  • Most of the cost savings resulted from a reduction in the laundering costs.
  • Laundries charge per kilo and the lightweight fabric garments are seen as more environmentally friendly thanks to significant savings on electricity, water and chemicals during the laundering process.


We monitor our sub-contracted mills and factories for compliance with local and national environmental laws.

Chef Works Cares

Chef Works has designated protecting the environment as one of three components in our charitable giving strategy.

  • One of four grant recipients each year will be focused on preserving the environment.
  • We foster employee activities, such as: supporting our environmental initiatives, a beach clean-up and employee education.

Saving Energy

Chef Works makes every effort to reduce the amount of energy consumption in our offices:

  • All light bulbs are energy saving, which includes motion sensitive lighting, located throughout our distribution center, offices and conference rooms.
  • All lights are switched off when not needed.
  • All computers are switched off at sockets when not in use.


We support the use of public transportation, carpooling and cycling for business and commuter travel. Other activities include:

  • We reward carpoolers for their efforts.
  • We encourage conducting business online rather than actual travel, whenever possible.
  • We ask delivery trucks not to be idle when unloading.

Raw Materials & Suppliers

We support the use of public transportation, carpooling and cycling for business and commuter travel. Other activities include:

  • Our offices are cleaned with environmentally friendly cleaning agents.
  • Where possible, we use recycled or environmentally friendly paper in our printers.
  • We encourage employees to reduce unneccessary paper usage – including double-sided printing and photo-reduction when appropriate.
  • The majority of non-telephone communication is via email – memos and messages are issued electronically.
  • We have implemented a corporate Intranet to foster communication electronically, rather than with a hard copy newsletter.
  • Use of “natural” pesticides, such as cider vinegar and borox for office pest control.

Reducing Waste

Chef Works is committed to reducing waste by streamlining processes and looking for opportunities to go paperless/reduce waste/recycle.

  • Directing clients to online catalogs to reduce printed catalog copies.
  • Recycling office paper, cardboard, print/toner cartridges, aluminum cans, plastic & glass bottles and other items.
  • Recycling plastic bags destroyed during embroidery process.
  • Seeking out opportunities to use recycled office products.
  • Periodically creating a “Red Tag Zone” in which employees place all unneeded office supplies, office furniture or other items into a central location, which are then reused, given to employees or donated to a local school.
  • Encouraging the return of sample products, which are then re-used or donated.
  • Donating or recycling discontinued products.
  • Using recycled paper for business cards.
  • Paperless calendaring, timekeeping, absence reporting, benefit enrollment and tracking system.
  • Limiting the amount of paper goods used for daily employee use.
  • Encouraged employees to bring plates, cutlery, cups, etc that can be reused.
  • Encouraging our customers to limit their use of hard copy invoices by adding: “Go Paperless!  For ‘Electronic Delivery’ please send your e-mail address to”
  • Donating used Toner Cartridges to Kujira Gakuen School – to help with their school supply costs.