Robert Spiteri

St. Julian’s, Malta

Name: Chef Robert Spiteri
Age: 39
Nationality: Maltese
Country of Residence: Malta

1. Your Restaurant/Business: Hotel Radisson Blu, St Julian’s, Malta

2. About Your Kitchen: A very busy and talented pastry kitchen which caters for the hotel and outside catering as well.

3. Your Favorite Chef Works Item: I have a number of Chef Coats – they are durable, stylish and very comfortable to work in.

4. First Job: Commis Chef in a pastry shop.

5. Your Favorite Cookbook: Bachour by Pastry Chef Antonio Bachour.

6. Your Awards: I have won gold and silver medals achieved in various pastry competitons both locally and internationally.

7. Your Cooking Inspiration: My family.

8. Your Specialty Dish: Chocolate Fondant with Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream.

9. Favorite Dish To Eat: Plain grilled beef.

10. Weirdest Thing You Ever Ate: Donkey cheeks.

11. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Peanut & Caramel Fudge.

12. Favorite Drink: Beer

13. Favorite Wine: A good Chablis

14. Who Would You Most Like To Cook For: My clientele

15. Who Would You Least Like To Cook For: Myself

16. Favorite Things To Do When Not Cooking: Spending quality time with my family and watching football.

17. Your latest project: Taking responsibility of the outside catering pastry section together with the hotel operations.

18. Favorite City and Why:  Paris, because of the good restaurants and fabulous patisseries like Pierre Hermé, best-known for his macaroons and Sadaharu Aoki who combines Japanese ingredients into French confections.

19. Your Greatest Indulgence: Bitter chocolate

20. Your All Time Best Culinary Tip: Passion, hard work, determination and dedication.

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